Heather in her loved blush pink leather jacket with smooth and perforated leather and her thrifted Democracy jeans
Create and Own Your Style

Let the best you shine through

Join me on a fashion adventure as we explore and learn about all things fashion, vintage, modern, and design and how to incorporate these elements into your life.

If you're trying to figure out your "style" or want to know how to shop for vintage, yes...no matter your age, welcome - let's discover it together!

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Dressmaker form

Fashion flustered? I'm here to help you...

  • Find out the differences between vintage and thrift.
  • Shop a flea market, consignment, or an online live sale without getting overwhelmed.
  • Get the secret to trying on clothes without getting undressed in open air markets.
  • Know the difference between Alexander McQueen and Alexander Wang.
  • Learn to mix decades, styles, and get to know vendors.
  • Pack efficiently for a trip, even if you only have a carry-on.
  • Have confidence in styling yourself without having to buy designer.
  • Find and feel good in style you love. No matter your age!
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Paris Vintage Shopping Guide

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5 of my favorite places to shop vintage and secondhand in Paris for quality, variety, and  je ne sais quoi.

You'll also receive periodic tips and tricks that I've learned over the years, I'll introduce you to designers and small business vendors, share ideas that will help you in your vintage and thrifting quests–in your own hometown or when exploring the world!

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Heather in her coat by isaacmizrahiny and hat kokinnewyork via Poshmark, ring from olivrbijoux

Meet Heather

Welcome to Hallway of Fashion! 

To me, good design is good design, no matter if it’s art, interior design, or fashion. I incorporate it into my life in a multitude of ways. You can too!

It's time to demystify the shopping and styling experience by gaining confidence in creating your style and owning it. Celebrate who you are no matter your age, weight, budget, or other (hat) boxes you may have put yourself in.

As I’ve gotten older, I've realized we all deserve to dress the way we want and in what makes us feel our best. Peer pressure and what others think held us back—now it’s time to explore! I hope you'll join me!

Heather in her coat by isaacmizrahiny and hat kokinnewyork via Poshmark, ring from olivrbijoux

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